Your solution for ACA reporting

VisualACA stops the guesswork, calculates the data, and connects you to a hassle-free printing and filing service.

VisualACA is a standalone product that can be integrated with your HR or Payroll systems. VisualACA also works with Attendance on Demand for a complete workforce management and compliance system.

VisualACA was built by Attendance on Demand, Inc. a leader in cloud-based labor management systems. VisualACA assists companies in all industries with managing compliance for the Affordable Care Act.

What Can VisualACA Do For You?

  • Manage employee status determination
  • Automate service hour calculations using lookback method
  • Track new and seasonal employees
  • Remind supervisors when tracking periods end
  • Alert supervisors when employees approach full-time status
  • Calculate information for IRS forms

Use VisualACA to eliminate guesswork

Maybe you have questions?

  • When do the ACA reporting requirements go into effect?
  • Who needs to file?
  • What is an ALE?

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